A Tree Instead

A living Legacy to be remembered for a lifetime

Have a Memorial Tree Planted in Any US State or Israel to Honor the life of a Loved One.

One tree... One lifetime of memories

The loss of a friend or loved one can be made so much more difficult to endure when you’re far away. Finding the right way to recognize a deceased friend or family member can often be very difficult. Words often don't seem to say enough, but attaching those thoughts to a living tree can give them special meaning. Trees represent the continuing cycle of life, and contributing to a Memorial Tree can be an ideal way to share in that precious gift. Send this sympathy gift today, a tasteful expression of love and support in their time of need.

                                      UNIQUE SYMPATHY GIFTS

The most Thoughtful & Uplifting Sympathy gift.

When you don't know what to say at time of loss, let the caring words in this sympathy gift in one say it for you.

The recipient will always remember your thoughtfulness and be comforted by the card's meaningful message

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