A Tree Instead
one tree... one lifetime of memories


The most Thoughtful & Uplifting Sympathy gift.  

Have a Memorial Tree Planted in Any US State or Israel to Honor the life of a Loved One.

The loss of a friend or loved one can be made so much more difficult to endure when you’re far away.
Finding the right way to recognize a deceased friend or family member can often be very difficult.
Words often don't seem to say enough, but attaching those thoughts to a living tree can give them special meaning.
Trees represent the continuing cycle of life, and contributing to a Memorial Tree can be an ideal way to share in that precious gift.
Send this tasteful expression of love and support in their time of need.

Have a Memorial Tree Planted in Any State or Holy land to Honor a Loved One

A living Legacy to be remembered for a lifetime

In Memoriam of


 In memory

  A Tree in Memory

 A Tree in Celebration

 A Tree in Israel

Trees in memory of a loved pet

Pet Loss Tree

in lieu of flowers

Green Weddings


 Trees planted in memoty
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Rainbow bridge poen for pet loss

Rainbow Bridge poem


A Tree Instead. One tree, one life time of memories.

Plant a tree in Memory of a loved one and preserve life. Show you care. No Sympathy gift is as Thoughtful & Uplifting